Once upon a table is family run business based in the Southwest of England.

We have been styling weddings across Somerset, Wales, Bristol and Devon for 6 years now, first as part of the Essential Wedding Hire team (London) and for the past 3 years as Once Upon A Table.

My interest in styling weddings came from my own wedding planning experience, I have always been interested in how a wedding looks and feels to the guests attending.

Your guests are your audience and so therefore I feel it’s important to set the stage by dressing your special event to enhance your guests viewing pleasure.This might involve creating stunning entrances, aisles, ceremony rooms, reception rooms and table settings.This can all be done with investment into table centerpieces, chair dressings, table linen, top table décor, backdrops, room props, as well wall and ceiling décor.

This is what we do at Once Upon a Table, style your event to create the ambience you want to achieve within a budget you want to spend.

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