How to Have Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

If you dream of a fairytale wedding but you don’t have the budget to match, there are plenty of tweaks you can make so that your perfect day is affordable. Here’s how to have your dream wedding on a budget.

Set a realistic budget, and stick to it

First things first, you should always set a realistic budget for your wedding and stick to it, despite all the impulse buys and temptations that will come your way. It can be tempting to blow the budget on something frivolous, but keep the big spending for the essentials.

Use Pinterest for inspiration, but don’t get caught up in the idea of perfection

Yes, you want your wedding day to be perfect, but remember that much of what you see on Pinterest will be styled shoots with models, high-end designers, and stylists on hand to make everything look dreamy. You don’t need all that, you just need the elements of your day to reflect you and your theme, and you don’t have to blow the budget to achieve that.

It’s who you know

If you need to stick to a budget, you’d be amazed at how much money you can shave off by asking friends and family to help out. Do you have a friend who’s a master baker? They could save you £100’s on a wedding cake. Do you know a good seamstress or DJ? Every little bit of help adds up.

Think hard about your theme

Generally, the more elements there are to your day, the more expensive it’s going to be. Budget-friendly weddings tend to be the simple, modern, and minimalist weddings. For example, keeping everything crisp and white with a hint of colour can look expensive while being fairly cheap to pull off.

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How to Make a Wedding Mood Board.


Photo credit: The Busy Bee 

When it comes to planning your wedding, the details are what make it personal and special to you. While Pinterest and Instagram are chock-full of aspirational ideas for colour palettes, themes, décor, and more, creating a physical wedding mood board that you can look at, and show your suppliers, is a great way to make your dream wedding come to life.

The chances are, you have so many ideas swirling around in your head, so where do you start? Here's how to make a wedding mood board. 

 Start with words to create a feel 

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Choosing a Wedding Supplier - Why Going Cheaper Isn’t Better

When it comes to planning your wedding, you’re pretty much like a project manager. Naturally, you want the best that you can get for your budget, and this includes wedding suppliers.

While there are some areas you can tweak to cut down on costs, key wedding suppliers shouldn’t be of them.

Having a great team of people working with you to create the wedding day of your dreams is so important. This might mean that you pay a little more for them, but their amazing services and the peace of mind you’ll get is worth every penny.

Here’s why when it comes to choosing a wedding supplier, going cheaper isn’t better.   

Choosing a wedding supplier

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Décor Inspiration for Your Autumn Wedding

‘As Autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, two hearts will join and say I do’

I love a summer wedding, but Autumn is a glorious time to get married. The rich and decadent colour palette of golds, oranges, greens, browns and rich reds, coupled with the beautiful colours of the trees and the slight hint of a chill in the air which can be warmed by mulled wine or a glowing fire make this a magical time to say ‘I do.’

Autumnal wedding décor can be sumptuous and dramatic. Think tree logs, berries, autumn leaves, and gold candelabras. Do you need more inspiration? Here are some truly gorgeous ideas for dressing your autumn wedding.

5 simple table centrepiece ideas for an Autumn wedding*

(*All of the pictures without links are my own creations!)

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Let’s Talk Wedding Décor

Let’s Talk Wedding Décor

Of course, a wedding is about more than flowers and décor, but a beautifully decorated venue really completes a wedding. It provides a wow factor and adds a magical quality to any celebration. It’s little wonder, then, that couples are becoming ever more creative with their wedding décor to create something that is personal, unique, and memorable.
Beautiful décor, with a colour scheme and sumptuous materials, can add something to your photographs and video, and is the icing on the cake of your perfect wedding day.

Deciding on décor

If your head is spinning from looking at inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, here are some tips to help you navigate the world of wedding décor.

Decide what you should decorate

Decide which spaces in your venue are going to be important. Not every available bit of space needs decorating. Prioritising the most important areas will help you to keep costs down. Bridestory’s wedding décor blog gives you some great tips on where to start. Think about where your guests will spend most of their time and most of all, make sure everything works together to create the beautiful look you’ve dreamed of.

The ceremony

This is the most important part of the day, so making your surroundings look amazing is a must. It all adds to the beauty and romance of the occasion. Here are some ideas for adding some magic to the moment when you say ‘I do.’

The entrance: Decorate the entrance with flowers, ribbons, garlands, or fabric. Think about creating entrance tables.

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Does Pinterest Help or Hinder Your Wedding Planning?

A study found that 40 million brides are using Pinterest to find inspiration when they are planning their wedding. The fact that there are nearly 900 million pins about weddings and 378 million wedding related searches conducted every year doesn’t lie. But does Pinterest help or hinder your wedding planning?

Social media envy

Pinterest sells itself as a ‘virtual inspiration board comprised of a collection of favourite inspiration in the form of photos and imagery’ or is it, as the critics might say, ‘A place to waste a lot of time!’

It’s also a platform for creating serious pangs of envy.

Can you really have your Pinterest - worthy dream wedding on the budget you have, and is this driving a Pinterest- perfect wedding culture? What if your budget just won’t stretch?

Research into social media sites has shown that they can negatively affect our minds, particularly our feelings of self-worth. When you see other people’s Facebook updates about their latest dream holidays, expensive purchases, and life events, you begin to wonder ‘Where did I go wrong?’, or ‘Why can’t my life be like that?’ We are all guilty of having these types of feelings at some point.

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Following My Dream to Help Others Create Theirs

Once Upon A Table: Following My Dream to Help Others Create Theirs

One of the questions I get asked the most is why did you start your business?

It was my own wedding that sparked my love of event planning. In the course of planning and styling my own wedding, I found that I loved the attention to detail that was involved in creating the day of my dreams. I even went as far as sewing tiny beads and snowflakes on to my place cards, which earned me the nickname ‘Monica.’ And yes, one day I will have my own headset!
I have always had creative flair, but a creative career was never something I’d considered, apart from a fleeting thought about working in floristry when I was at a careers fair. I told myself to stick with my chosen career path of teacher training, as I was already a year into my degree.

A woman without a plan

2 years later, after I had my children, I found myself feeling disillusioned with my career choice. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a ‘plan’, and I constantly asked myself ‘where do I go from here?’

From fate to franchise

But fate intervened, as it so often does in life. While planning my sister’s wedding, I met with an event planning company based in London. I made a brief remark about wanting to style weddings, and here I am, 4 ½ years on, running my own events planning business!

I joined the company as a franchise for the South West, and in the 3 years I was with them, I learned my craft. I learned everything from event planning and preparation to how to build eye-catching centrepieces and develop good relationships with suppliers. But the most important thing I learned was how to stay ahead of the competition and how to make people choose you for their event.

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