How to Make a Wedding Mood Board.


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When it comes to planning your wedding, the details are what make it personal and special to you. While Pinterest and Instagram are chock-full of aspirational ideas for colour palettes, themes, décor, and more, creating a physical wedding mood board that you can look at, and show your suppliers, is a great way to make your dream wedding come to life.

The chances are, you have so many ideas swirling around in your head, so where do you start? Here's how to make a wedding mood board. 

 Start with words to create a feel 

If you want to create a wedding mood board, your first step should be thinking of words to describe the kind of feel you want to create. Do you want a romantic feel? Do you want your day to be cosy and laid-back? Do you want a feminine, boho look, or would you prefer an earthy, rustic feel?

Thinking about how you want your day to look and feel is a good starting point. Of course, if you want all of the elements to tie in together, you have to take some other things into account like:

  • The time of year you're getting married
  • What kind of venue you're getting married in

These will help guide you towards creating a cohesive look.

Think about colours and décor

So hopefully you've came up with some words to describe how you want your wedding to look and feel, and this should help you choose some pictures and other items for your wedding mood board.

So if you're getting married in the autumn and you want something cosy and rustic, this might guide you towards greens, and other autumn hues like reds, golds, browns, and bronzes. You might consider using items like pine cones, twigs, and logs for your décor, and choosing striking autumn blooms for your centrepieces.

Think outside the box when you're trying to find inspiration. Don't just look at Pinterest and wedding magazines, look at interior design magazines and styled shoots for details you love.

  When it comes to décor, think big details first, then small

So you have an idea about the feel you want to create and your colour scheme, now it's time to start thinking about the main details that will be taking centre stage on your big day. Do you want a backdrop and/or an arch? What kind of centrepieces and other eye-catching elements do you want to have, to tie the look of your wedding together?

Next, it's time to think about the small details. Remember that small doesn't mean less important. The small details are where you really get to add those touches that mean something to you, and maybe reflect who you and your husband-to-be are. So going back to the cosy, rustic, autumn wedding example, you might want plenty of wooden details, like a wooden sign directing your guests to the reception, or wooden centrepieces. Details like lanterns, fairy lights, and foliage can look very striking and pretty too. Add a few examples of details you love to your wedding mood board.

Check how it all comes together

Now you hopefully have some lovely ideas and inspiration on your wedding mood board, it's time to check how it all comes together. Do all the details seem to fit?

There are a lot of things to think about when planning your wedding, and being able to see the kind of flowers, invitations, décor, colours, and other details you want in one place on your mood board can help you see whether they all work and whether they reflect the look and feel you want.

Look to the real world for details you love

Rather than having a huge Pinterest board or a folder of hundreds images on your phone, look to the real world to find details you love. Maybe you've seen a gorgeous business card that has the colours and feel you want your invitations to have? Maybe you've got a ribbon from a gift someone bought you that perfectly matches the green bridesmaid dresses you've been lusting after? Add these to your mood board.

Show your wedding mood board to your vendors

I love it when a bride comes to me with a mood board! It makes it much easier for me to turn her vision for her big day into a reality. This goes for other vendors too, like your florist, bridal boutique, and venue. Show them your mood board and all of your wedding details will comes together, as if by magic!

Let us help you create your dream wedding!

Whatever you envisage for your perfect day, we've got it covered!

We are event stylists who can make your dreams come true. Our event styling team are all about the details and transforming your venue into the stunning setting that you always envisaged for your wedding.

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