Let’s Talk Wedding Décor

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Let’s Talk Wedding Décor

Of course, a wedding is about more than flowers and décor, but a beautifully decorated venue really completes a wedding. It provides a wow factor and adds a magical quality to any celebration. It’s little wonder, then, that couples are becoming ever more creative with their wedding décor to create something that is personal, unique, and memorable.
Beautiful décor, with a colour scheme and sumptuous materials, can add something to your photographs and video, and is the icing on the cake of your perfect wedding day.

Deciding on décor

If your head is spinning from looking at inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, here are some tips to help you navigate the world of wedding décor.

Decide what you should decorate

Decide which spaces in your venue are going to be important. Not every available bit of space needs decorating. Prioritising the most important areas will help you to keep costs down. Bridestory’s wedding décor blog gives you some great tips on where to start. Think about where your guests will spend most of their time and most of all, make sure everything works together to create the beautiful look you’ve dreamed of.

The ceremony

This is the most important part of the day, so making your surroundings look amazing is a must. It all adds to the beauty and romance of the occasion. Here are some ideas for adding some magic to the moment when you say ‘I do.’

The entrance: Decorate the entrance with flowers, ribbons, garlands, or fabric. Think about creating entrance tables.

The aisle: Make your aisle a beautiful focal point by using petals, lanterns, floral displays, or arch canopies, which are the latest trend. You can also put your centrepieces on plinths to decorate your aisle.

Pew decorations: These draw attention to your entrance into the main room.

The Altar/Arch/Chuppah: This makes a perfect backdrop for your ‘wedding kiss’ photo. Floral and fabric arches, flower walls, or moongates look amazing.

The Reception

This is the part of the day where you get to forget your nerves a little and celebrate with your guests, so your décor should reflect this. Here are some ways to make your room look breath-taking.

The stage/top table: This is the main focus of the room and it’s the backdrop for a lot of the photographs. If you used a backdrop for your ceremony, you can reuse it when your reception room is dressed.

The centrepieces: When the guests see beautifully dressed tables, it makes them feel appreciated and extra happy to be part of your day. And it’s always good when something makes them say ‘Wow!’

Hanging décor: This looks amazing in reception rooms. This includes lighting, bunting, draping, and hanging floral arrangements made from beautiful flowers like Wisteria. Lighting in particular can really help you to create an atmosphere.

Seating: Decorate seating based on chair types, but in general, chair covers and sashes always add that extra something.

Table settings: Creating a pretty layout for place cards, cutlery, napkins, and wedding favours really enhances a table, and it looks great in the wedding detail photographs.

Flowers: Think about reusing flowers from the ceremony; registrar flowers can be placed on the top table, and aisle flowers can be placed strategically around the room.

Once these areas are catered for, then start looking at any guest waiting areas or outdoor spaces that might need dressing.

Wedding Décor dos and don’ts

• DO research wedding themes and colour schemes and create an inspiration board and make lists of what your venue might need.

• DO show your decorator/event stylist what you want to achieve. Remember however, that the style of your venue will dictate your decorations. Elaborate rooms won’t need as much dressing, whereas plain rooms require a lot of styling.

• DO stick to your budget. You might want to concentrate on making a statement with one type of decoration if your budget is tight. Find a quality provider who can match your budget.

• DO choose your flowers carefully to complement your venue and the other décor you want.

• DON’T be disorganised and throw anything and everything together.

• DON’T skimp on the details. Your wedding décor is your chance to create something beautiful and personal.

• DON’T underestimate the impact that good lighting can have on the way your venue looks and the atmosphere it can create.

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